What You Can Learn from the Data Analytics with Python Training

Team collaboration practices in Scrum and Lean are present in communicative teams at all levels. With AI, ML, analytics and AR and VR technologies catching the imagination of Agile enterprises, the demand for professionals in data analysis are growing exponentially. Data continues to be generated daily, and because of its predictive relevance and interpretation, it forms the basis of competitive edge in the industry.  This trend grows with more data being produced. There is no end to the demand. 

About the Data Science with Python Course:

∙•••••••• The Data Science with P

∙•••••••• The specially designed andython Training can be opted for in the weekday or weekend batch downloadable courseware accentuates not just theoretical knowledge Rather the systematic use of interactive online classes, lab sessions and supervised assignments, workshops and live test cases give you practice

∙•••••••• Learn from classroom training on weekends with online virtual training – All this done at your own pace. Especially for professionals, corporate training is also done

∙•••••••• The course helps you inculcate learning through 40 hours of instructor-delivered high-quality online training from industry experts the advanced techniques of using Python for data analysis

∙•••••••• With effective mentoring by industry experts, you earn the course completion certification. This coveted certification is valued and well-recognised in the industry and is a validation of your learning and newly enhanced skill-set

∙•••••••• Post-course long-term support, good refund policy and the fact that demo codes, soft-copy of the slide deck, live exercises, interactive test cases and lifetime access to online libraries are freely available makes the course unique

∙•••••••• You will also build a Python program with full support and mentoring. Industry experts and certified instructors review this project, which can also be a live-industry-project. You will be awarded certification on successful course completion

Data Science with Python Training Course Contents:

Data Science with Python Course includes learning the fundamentals of Python programming. You will learn to use NumPy with Python, connect Python to SQL, data frames to solve complex tasks, pandas to handle Excel Files, and web scraping with Python. Using plotly for interactive visualisations with matplotlib and seaborn for data visualisations is very interesting. The most recent SciKit Learn for machine learning with K Nearest Neighbors, Decision Trees, Linear Regression, Random Forests, K Means Clustering and processing of Natural Language makes quite an expert of you. Further the study of techniques like Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, and tools like Tensorflow, Spark, Jupyter will ensure you are proficient in applying these futuristic technologies.

Data Science with Python Training Prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of Python is mandated for pursuing this course.
  • For beginners, an intensive, accelerated course of 12 hours in the fundamentals is recommended to help them keep pace in the main program.

What is in it for me?

With this Course, students become an expert in management, leveraging, mining, extracting and interpretation of data using their knowledge of Python language. Your passion for learning a new programming language counts.  Learn from the most reliable partners in the industry. Join this course, enhance your skill to create a resume that makes sure you are in demand by recruiters. Land a job with huge payouts, just from your training and newly-learnt acquired programming skills.