Top 9 Tips to Creating a Successful Corporate Event in 2018

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A corporate event can make or break the image of your company, if the event is not done properly then it could tarnish the value of your company, however if done perfectly, then this could get your name out. We have curated the top 10 tips to creating a successful corporate event during 2018.

  1. Why’

Why are you holding this event? Is it to raise funds, inform people of the company’s objectives, launching a product? Define what you want the end result to be and set clear objectives as to what you want to achieve. An event with a purpose will have your guests and shareholders feeling secure and delighted to be apart of the process.

  1. Location

There are two aspects to consider when choosing location, and these are 1. The venue and 2. Convenience. Choosing a venue that fits in with the theme of your event and the company’s aesthetic will enhance the succession of your company’s event as it supports cohesion. The second location factor is convenience; make sure your event is held in a space that is easy to get to.

  • Secure your speakers

This should be done months in advance. Once you know the purpose of your event and what you want to achieve, then you should immediately look to securing key speakers that will deliver your company’s message. For events that are looking to grow and gain a larger audience such as charity events, it is always a good idea try and secure a celebrity or someone that is relevant to the event and that fits in with the brands message. Though this is sometimes hard to achieve, it is always recommended that you have a back up plan! The last thing you need is to run around, scrambling for someone to fill in.

  1. Programs and Entertainment

Depending on your event, it is a great idea to have entertainment and set programs at your event. For long corporate events, entertainment makes for a lighter mood and relaxes the guests, because we all know sitting down for too long can put anyone to sleep. Having set programs, makes it easier for the guests to follow along and engage with the event.

  1. Budget

Defining the budget is a key element to organizing a successful event. Knowing how much to spend will help you tailor you event to suit your needs. You don’t want to appear too frugal, yet at the same time, you don’t want to over compensate for an event that has no return on investment. Make sure you also factor in catering, entertainment, gifts, styling etc.

  • Guest List

Your guest list is another aspect to creating a successful corporate event as it sets the tone to how you want your event to go. Make sure that who you invite correlates with what your event is all about.

  1. Planning

As they say “measure twice, cut once”. Planning is everything to the success of any corporate event. This can be the make or break of any company, forgetting to organise any aspect of your event from food and beverage, to the correct venue and event entertainment and seating arrangement. Be sure to have a checklist of everything you need to make your event run smoothly, check them off as you go – this way you will not forget anything.

  1. Market your Event

Choosing the right way to market your event is crucial. For larger events, it’s best you use social media, while more smaller and specific events, using email and SMS are just as good. In the digital age, marketing your event has never been easier. With social media tools like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn it is now easier to ensure you reach a larger audience and all times of the day.

  1. Pay attention to detail

For a successful corporate event, it is imperative that you ensure your event goes off without a hitch. From food to furniture and all the decorations, all these elements are crucial to ensuring that you run a successful event. Remember, it’s the little things that count, and people will notice if there is something not quite right about the event, also make sure your venue fits in with your business image as well as the purpose of the event.

Now that you have the tips you need to create a successful event, you can now set out to organise the best corporate event. If you are looking to hold a corporate event in Sydney than consider Doltone House .

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