This Free Time Card Calculator Helps Simplify Employee Time Cards and Payroll

Software that is specifically developed for the small business world has allowed this has helped to evolve SMBs much more successfully. Small business owners have now been able to increase their operational efficiencies; resulting in better profits thanks to companies like Boomr. For one, by offering affordable and easily adaptable time tracking software and mobile time card apps that are used for streamlining business operations. As a result, management of daily business tasks has been streamlined. This significantly adds to the overall business productivity and performance.

Employee Efficiency is Much Better

Talking about operational efficiency, a business can’t achieve it unless its core resources are productive. And productivity greatly depends on how many work hours employees put into productive work and how companies can accurately track. Of course, these days, businesses have become flexible. Productivity is not directly proportionate to the number of working hours, yet it is significant to realize how efficiently these work hours are utilized to determine productivity.

Time Management Improvements

Apart from operational efficiency, time management is important for payroll calculation. Manual paper timesheets are not only difficult to organize but analyze as well for their accuracy. This makes reporting and calculation of employee payroll and rewards a hassle.

So how can small businesses streamline this process?

Boomr’s Time Card App Helps Track Timesheets

Thanks to easily deployable small business time tracking software, Boomr has created a wonderful mobile time card app to help keep tabs on employee timesheets no matter where the employees are working. This amazing mobile time card app makes it possible to simplify employee time cards for payroll reporting by HR. There is also a free time card calculator that is incredibly easy to use so teams can forecast payroll reporting via employee time cards. Information can be updated regularly and final calculations can be completed quickly.

How Does The Time Card Calculator Work?

The free time card calculator is like a digital table. It requires you to fill in the time-in and time-out variables. It also provides the option of adding lunch and other break hours. At the end of each day and week, a monthly timesheet report is developed for each employee.

Time Card App Feasibility

The time card calculator by Boomr is a feasible application as it provides multiple controls to forecast employee time cards and payroll reports with lunch breaks and overtime calculations too.

Easy Calculations

As explained in the method above, it is obvious how easy it is to manage daily and weekly time card calculation for the employees. The calculator provides a neat and organized timesheet for each employee.

Reset Option

Instead of making a new manual timesheet, you can simply use the reset option. It clears all the entries and you can easily add new information to create brand new employee time cards.

Printable Time Cards

To keep an additional hard back up for the employee time cards, you can use the print option. Individual prints can be added to the company and employee record files. This reduces the risk of losing crucial information.

Sharing of Time Cards with Your Team

Sharing employee time cards is a common requirement by HR and others. The information needs to be shared with human resources, managers, the employees themselves, and other employees who may require it for processing payroll and executive reports. With the easy share option, you can provide the employee time card information to multiple people in less time.

This digital time tracking system helps save business a lot of paper, time and costs. Furthermore, the lesser the hassle, the more productivity and profits the business will see. Boomr’s time card for iPhone and Android is an effective small business resource, indeed.