How to recharge your mobile connection

We present an easy way to recharge or top up your Airtel connection to stay in touch with the world always.

Your busy lifestyle leaves you with little time to rest and recoup yourself before the start of a new day. At times, it appears like your life is an endless series of To-Do tasks. You tick off one and there is still a long list waiting for you.

Despite your busy schedule, you must still set aside time for essential tasks. Spending time with your family every day, catching up on the news, paying the household bills, recharging your phone and home DTH…the list goes on. These tasks are as important as your professional list of tasks, and not attending to them on time is unwise.

For instance, if you fail to recharge your prepaid connection on time, you will first face a temporary suspension of outgoing calls and texting services, as also a slow Internet speed. Later, your connection might be cut if you still don’t recharge it. This means that you cannot use your phone at all – and when you are this busy, can you really afford to be disconnected?

The good news is, prepaid recharge is one of the simplest tasks you can do. It all depends also on how easy your mobile service provider makes the process. If you are an Airtel prepaid customer, you can do the easy mobile recharge online either using the Airtel website or the myAirtel app on your smartphone. The following are the steps you can follow:

  • Install the myAirtel app on your phone if not already installed.
  • Open the myAirtel app on your smartphone and key in your 10-digit Airtel number in the space provided for the same.
  • Next, you will see the legend ‘Prepaid recharge’ on the screen. Press your finger on it and get a snapshot of your prepaid plan usage till date. The screen displays your Name, Mobile number and Balance left on the prepaid pack.

  • You can also consider using any of the quick recharge options shown on the bottom of the screen. If you don’t want to use any of these options, you can proceed directly to do the easy mobile recharge online by keying in a specific recharge amount.
  • Check for current offers while doing the easy online mobile recharge. These are applied at once if you select one. If not, proceed to choose the preferred payment mode.
  • Next, choose a payment option: you can opt for using money from your Airtel Payments Bank account, or debit/credit cards, or by Net banking. Click on ‘Recharge now’ and input the specific amount of money you wish to pay for the easy mobile online recharge.
  • The screen will show you that the recharge is complete. Additionally, you will get an SMS alert from your bank (if you used debit/credit cards or net banking to pay) informing you about the same.
  • Your online mobile recharge is complete using the app.
  • When using the Airtel website, simply key in the 10-digit Airtel prepaid number and follow the two-step recharge process as directed.

That’s how easy it is to recharge your Airtel prepaid connection. Airtel has the most sophisticated and convenient recharge platforms that you can use in mere seconds. Now stay connected on your recharged pack and communicate with the world like you always do.