How to Keep Your Employees in a Competitive Industry

As the economies around the world continue to improve, businesses are hiring again in many industries. In addition to this governments are also competing for workers in critical areas.  This is leading to a shortage of quality workers and an increase in average wages. As a result companies are finding themselves having to compete with each other to hire and retain the best employees.

How to accomplish this varies from company to company across industries but there are some basic things that companies can do to retain their best employees.

Give Them a Great Work Environment

Most employees must spend long hours each day at your place of business. This might be a storefront, office, factory or warehouse, where they get their work done and interact with other employees.  Today, top employees demand that the work environment is one that is healthy and conducive to there being efficient. For this reason, companies must be proactive in creating an ideal work environment.

One of the critical things that a company can do is to make sure that the business has proper ventilation and cooling.  The temperature in a room directly affects employee attitudes and their ability to get the job done. If the room is too warm, they will be less productive and more likely to be irritable. Quality Air Conditioning can alleviate this problem. Commercial air conditioners today can be programmed to provide both continuous levels of comfort as well as different temperatures in different areas of the business during different times of the day. Employers can literally program how they want their employees to feel during the day and add additional comfort as needed.

Other things a company can do to create a great work environment include allowing for employees to take breaks throughout the day, providing them with flexible lunch hours and giving them an option of working some hours from home. These concessions often seem like they will lower employee productivity, but after a short adjustment period they often will increase productivity because employees are happier.

Show Them That They are Appreciated

Showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work can paying your company dividends. Employees want to know that you are paying attention and that their contribution to your success is one that you recognized. Employers can show this by not only giving employee bonuses which of course is a great way of showing your appreciation, but often by doing smaller things. An acknowledgement at a staff meeting, a nice word at a performance review, recognition at a company event, and of course the job promotion, are all great ways to show employees how much you respect them and the job they’re doing for you. Companies that exhibit this type of behavior hold on to their employees much longer and have happier employees.

Holding on to great employees today is not easy. Companies need to be aware of the needs of the employees and how to surpass those needs consistently. If a company focuses on this, they will be able to retain their best employees even if a competitor comes and offers those employees better compensation.