How to Enhance Your Event with Lighting

While an event with music, video, live entertainment, and food can be great, these events often lack one important element: lighting. Different light levels, effects, and even the absence of light can enhance events in a number of ways that other effects simply can’t. Here are different ways you can enhance your next event with some amazing lighting from professional lighting services.

Use Spotlights

If you’re going to have a stage with a speaker or even a performance from a theater group or musicians, having them spotlighted will help ensure that your audience is focused on them. This means lowering the lights in the rest of the venue so that the spotlight really illuminates the speaker. This can really enhance events where the audience doesn’t really need a lot of light.

Colored Lights

Colored lights can be used for a few different things at your next event. If you have a theater performance or other type of performance, having colored spotlights or lights that can change color can add a nice touch and help set the mood. For example, you can have blue colored lights to indicate sadness or to set the stage for a play that takes place in a frozen landscape.

You can also use colored lights to enhance a more formal event by placing them along the walls. These colored spotlights will shine upward, creating a line of color on the wall. You can use the official colors of your company or colors that fit with the event. For example, red and green lights would work well for a Christmas-related event, while you might want to go with something brighter for a spring or summer event. You could even put these lights behind the speaker to add some additional lighting there.

Darken the Corners

If you have most of your guests seated in the center of the room, you can darken the corners. This does a few things. First, it can make the area feel larger because the light diffuses outwards and fades to black. Second, it gives your waitstaff, effects team, and other workers who are doing things behind the scenes a way of keeping a lower profile. Third, it can be used to create a mysterious atmosphere, especially if the walls and corners of the room are almost completely concealed in darkness. Professional lighting services can help you with this type of effect.

Add Lights to the Tables

If your audience will be seated at tables, you can add small lights to each table to create illuminated centerpieces. It’s not a big addition, but it can make a lot of difference for some events, especially formal events.

Of course, you do want to make certain that you are truly enhancing your event with lighting. It’s possible to use too many different lighting tricks or not enough lighting, leaving the event looking either too crowded with different lights or not lit enough. This is where working with professional lighting services can truly be a good idea. These experts will be able to make suggestions that will enhance rather than detract from your event. For more information, visit: