Gift your college going child a new phone

As your child embarks on a new chapter in their life, it is time to keep them connected with you – with a new phone and an excellent postpaid connection to match.

It is a time of great excitement and trepidation for your child – they are about to enter college! It is a new world, with no uniforms to wear, the freedom to pick the subjects of their choice, and even travel further away from home to attend classes. It is also a time to cherish new-found independence.

But as much as your child grows up and spreads their wings, you want to keep them close to you always. Since it is not possible to keep them in your line of vision at every moment, especially now that they will be travelling more and spending more time out of doors with friends, you can do the next best thing: gift them a new phone.

They may already have a phone, but no student is ever going to say ‘No’ to a spanking new smartphone with a host of delightful features! They can use it to stay in touch with you during the day, chat and call their friends, have study groups on messenger apps, watch videos, stream music and TV shows, stay updated on social media, etc. But though the phone may be an expensive one with state-of-the-art hardware and all the features one can think of, it will come to nought if it is not backed by a good postpaid plan.

This is where Airtel postpaid comes in.

Airtel – the plan that boosts the phone

There are several postpaid plans out there, and you might pick the most affordable one for your child. After all, you don’t want them to run up a huge monthly bill on their phone! When you see most ‘affordable’ plans out there, they are certainly priced low – but they offer slow speeds, low data and hardly any add-on features.

Now take Airtel postpaid. No other mobile service provider in the country offers as many as five different plans in this category, and priced so attractively so as to tempt you to opt for all at once! Take a look at the illustration below to get a snapshot of what Airtel offers in this category of plans:

Now consider the excellent features of each plan, like:

* Unlimited calling: Each Airtel postpaid plan offers unlimited calling. This includes local, STD, roaming (both incoming and outgoing). So basically, every call is free, whether made or received. This gives your child the freedom to chat with friends for long hours, without costing a thing!

* Large data provision with unused data rollover: Apart from being extremely affordable, Airtel’s postpaid plans promise a large amount of monthly data. Right from 20GB for the basic Rs 399 plan to a huge 90GB data for the Rs 1,199 one, there is a lot of data that can be consumed for everything that your kid needs. So, they can Netflix or use Facebook as much as they wish – both are data guzzlers – and also IM with their friends endlessly. Whatever data remains unused this month is packed into the data quota for next month, so that is an additional perk, especially if your child is fond of watching movies and using social media extensively.

* Add-on connections: Apart from giving your child their first postpaid connection, you can consider adding more family members into the plan as well. The Rs 649, Rs 799 and Rs 1,199 plans offer 1, 2 and 3 free add-on connections respectively. Think how much savings this is for you, and how easily you can manage the different accounts under the Airtel myFamily plan.

* Add-on benefits: What is more, Airtel postpaid users get access to Wynk Music, Airtel TV and Handset Repair Protection (all plans except the Rs 399 one). That’s not all – new joinees can get a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime! (again, all plans except the Rs 399 one)