Die Storage in Aluminium Extrusion

The success of producing perfect aluminium extrusions relies on the quality of the die or mould that is used. The extrusion process involves heating an ingot...

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How can cryptocurrency benefit the automotive market?

By now, most of you have come across the term ‘cryptocurrency.’ There are many cryptocurrencies out there, most notably Bitcoin which everyone is now aware of thanks to its boom over the past few years. But have you stopped to wonder what exactly Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies actually are and how they work? What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, using something called blockchain technology in 2009. It is basically a digitized monetary unit, but with some game-changing differences compared to regular money. For starters, the fact that...

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Why An Entrepreneur Should Stay Fit

An entrepreneur is a unique personality. Not everyone can enjoy risking their ideas and finances to open new doors for opportunities. Being an entrepreneur is...